Pinweld have created an advanced and innovative precision welding technology capable of accurately joining plastic and composite components. Government funding from Innovate UK has allowed us to access valuable scientific support from specialists at TWI (The Welding Institute) and The University of Bath that continues to accelerate the technology.

Plastics of course are used in high value mouldings across many industries across all continents. Consequently, the ability and flexibility to manufacture assemblies and systems in a way not previously possible is one reason Pinweld is receiving significant interest from a growing number of companies and industries. From automotive to utilities and from aerospace to marine, the applications are endless.

Using the Pinweld technology creates alternative methods to fabricate complex mouldings in new ways able to benefit from incredible accuracy and discreet joints. Consequently, repairs and modifications are similarly achieved, extending the working life of plastic mouldings. Car bumper skins are a particularly good example of an application in a repair setting. With the reduced costs and other additional potential benefits associated with repairing rather than replacing plastic components, Pinweld’s solution is gaining increased interest from all sectors of the automotive industry.

Design engineers and repairers alike are particularly interested in Pinweld’s ability to create welded joints able to maintain or restore many of the subject material’s original properties without the use of any additional material. This aspect of the technology lends itself to working with recycled or reclaimed plastic materials. While manufacturer’s would like to use more materials of this type as they pursue circularity, issues are often experienced when it comes to joining components. Latest test data indicates that Pinweld has the potential to remove some of these barriers. This can only be a good thing for designers and material life and indeed the planet itself.

Research, testing and development with our partners are key aspects of the project. The latest test data is producing outstanding test results and continues to widen the potential for commercial applications. Strong, precise and consistent welds every time.

Pinweld are keen to speak with designers, consultants and companies who feel this technology could have a role to play within your applications.  Our development licenses and other commercial agreements provide the ideal opportunity to help you satisfy your manufacturing objectives. Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss this in more detail.

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